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Enhancing the quality of life through paints and coating solutions

We make products that make the world a better place. Through research, technology, and inspiration, we seek to create a better and more sustainable environment for generations to come.

Roxsil Silicone Sdn Bhd is based in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

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What makes our products unique

Our products are designed to meet evolving customer needs. Each product is carefully crafted to meet the highest professional standard.

Anti-corrosion Paints

Rust Killer 3-in-1. Red Oxide Primer 60WB. Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer 70WB.
Anti-Corrosion Metal Paint 80WB.
Anti-Corrosion Metal Gloss Paint 90WB.
Anti-Corrosion Metal Roof Paint 100WB.
Anti-Corrosion Water Based Epoxy 110WB.
Wood & Metal Gloss Paint.
Wood & Metal Gloss Primer.

Breathable Paints

Breathable Paint P5.
Breathable Paint 5P.
Roxsil Exterior Primer (REP).

DIY products

Paint Remover WB.
Primer 8800.
Primer 5500.
Roxi-Lite 22.
Fungus Kill.
Crack Patcher 300/5MM.
Patching Compound 400WB.
Roxsil PU108.

Heritage Paints

1878 Heritage Paint.
1878 Heritage Primer.

Mineral Paints

Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint.
Breathe Primer 10.
Breathe Silicate Primer 20.
Breathe Primer 30.

Roof Paints

Roxsil Consolidation Roof Paint.
Roxsil Consolidation Roof Primer.

Silicone Waterproofing

Water Stopper 100.
Moisture Blocker 1.
Moisture Blocker 2 (Underwater).
Stone Repellent SB.
Silicone Patching Compound 701 SG.
Silicone Patching Compound 700 BG.
ROXSiL Silicone Membrane 601SB.
ROXSiL Silicone Membrane 601SVL.
ROXSiL Silicone Membrane 505SVL.
ROXSiL Silicone Membrane 701 SL.

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